Day Hire Sevices

Hire Taxi for a Day In Leicester

Leicester is a popular city, so there are plenty of reasons why you would need to hire a taxi. You might be visiting friends or family, and want to get from the airport to their home rather than rely on public transport. Or perhaps you’re attending an event in Leicester and need an executive taxi for your party guests? Whatever your reason for hiring a taxi in Leicester, we have got all the details here!

You can book a taxi for Day Hire in Leicester. Day Hire is available for up to 6 people and is ideal if you’re looking for a relaxed way to travel around the city, but don’t want too much hassle. Day Hire cars are available for special events such as weddings or parties, airport transfers, and group transfers.

Executive Day Hire

Day Hire is a luxury car service that provides an executive driver with a professional chauffeur and uniformed support staff. In addition to the driver, our vehicles are also fully equipped with all the necessary office equipment to ensure that you can work in comfort and style. Our vehicles are built specifically for day-hire purposes so they offer optimum comfort from start to finish. They include leather seats, DVD players, and other features tailored to suit different types of business settings or personal preferences. Our drivers are dressed in suits and ties ready for any occasion – whether you’re touring around town or making an important presentation at work! All of our cars have special branding on them which clearly identifies them as part of your company logo; this means that potential clients will know instantly what type of day-hire service they’re looking at when approaching your premises! We keep everything clean inside & out so there won’t be any dirt muddying up your image reputation here today (or tomorrow). The air conditioning system keeps things cool during warm weather months too…

Day Hire Taxi

Use Our 4 to 8 Seater Taxi for your Day Trip

If you are looking for a taxi service that can accommodate up to 4 passengers, then Local Taxis In Leicester is the perfect choice for you. Our taxis is air-conditioned and equipped with an in-car entertainment system which ensures that you have an enjoyable journey. Our price is fixed so there will be no arguments over who pays what as we take your order before setting off. If you need a vehicle for a special event, we can provide day hire at competitive rates. We have vehicles available to hire in Leicester and the surrounding area.
● Weddings
● Parties
● Conferences and meetings
● Sporting events (including football)
We have several options for VIP day hire in Leicester. You can take a taxi for special events, executive hires, and even up to six-seater taxis.

Day Hire Services for Short & Long Trips

we provide high-quality day hire services for short& Long Trips. We cater to customers who need a reliable and efficient transport solution to get around quickly. Our hired vehicles are comfortable, clean, and well-maintained. We believe in providing friendly and professional service, with the added assurance that our drivers are experienced, responsible and knowledgeable about the best routes. We strive to make your experience as stress-free as possible and are committed to providing an outstanding customer experience. Our team is always available to answer any questions you may have and ensure that your journey is as smooth as possible. Let us help you get to your destination safely and quickly.

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